Toasted Cumin — Flavor Spotlight

Toasted Cumin — Flavor Spotlight

Our flavor spotlights are starting to heat up. This week’s is Toasted Cumin oil. This flavor greets the palate with rich, warm cumin flavor that lasts through every bite, complementing, but not overpowering. Drizzled on sweet potato slices, it has just enough spice to balance the palate. Drizzle pumpkin seeds in it for a flavorful twist on a great snack. Just the right amount of warm kick makes Toasted Cumin the perfect flavor addition to many sweet treats. Carrot cake, pumpkin bars and this sweet potato pound cake traditionally made with Pure Cottonseed Oil, get a delightful and unexpected twist by substituting Toasted Cumin for some or all of the oil. 

As with many of our oils, Toasted Cumin provides a great change of flavor in snack stand bys like hummus and this cereal snack mix.  Of course, Toasted Cumin is fantastic alternative in dishes which typically call for this spice. Chili infused with this oil is certain to satisfy as is chicken browned in Toasted Cumin before folding into fajitas

This flavor performs wonderfully in places you might least expect it as well. Kneading it into ground beef, Toasted Cumin is one of the key ingredients in juicy, mouthwatering ciabatta burgers. Brushed on these sweet but savory caramel apple pork chops, it perfectly balances the brown sugar and nutmeg.

Right in the middle of the Acala Farms family of flavors, Toasted Cumin is a great option for adding warm flavor to dishes while avoiding flavors with too much kick for mild palates. As always, Drizzle, Sizzle, Sample and Eat and share this wonderfully balanced flavor with others the next time you cook.

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