Acala Farms oilsCrafted for intense flavor and recipe experimentation, Acala Farms cooking oils can be used to enhance favorite recipes or as ingredients that lead to wonderful new food discoveries. Any way that you find to use them, Acala Farms oils inspire culinary beginners, seasoned professionals, foodies and curious cuisiniers to share the food, flavor and fun

Developed using a new generation of cottonseed oil that is pesticide-free, gluten-free, Kosher and free of cholesterol and trans fat, Acala Farms is the first to introduce gourmet-level pure and flavor-infused cottonseed oil to kitchens across American. Named for the Acala strain of cotton from which our base oil is produced, these gourmet oils exhibit a light, clean body that welcomes flavor infusion and leaves no residual taste halo. They also present no flavor transfer. Sear fish and then sauté vegetables in the same pan; your vegetables won't taste like fish and your fish will be light, flaky and cooked to perfection.

These heart-healthy oils are full of flavor and rich in antioxidants making them a great option for health-conscious chefs. Acala Farms oils also boast a smoke point in excess of 425°F and won’t burn, scorch or disappear in the pan; sear, fry, sauté and grill away. Drizzle, Sizzle, Sample & Eat.