How-To's — Chili Cumin

Chili Cumin — Flavor Spotlight

Our flavor spotlights are continuing to heat up. Chili Cumin is full of kick and the flavor of choice when looking for rich, full-bodied spice. Mix with orange marmalade and slather on pork tenderloin. Bake or grill. Amazing. Also fantastic drizzled on four-cheese flatbread, your favorite pizza and over freshly baked autumn squash. On breaded hot wings, Chili Cumin creates the perfect sauce. Beer-soaked chili cheese fries are a must for tailgating. Black bean salsa tossed in Chili Cumin, placed atop baked sweet potato rounds make for a healthy, nutritious snack or side. If seafood is more your taste, shrimp sauteed in Chili Cumin before being tossed in fresh...

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