Curry Spice — Flavor Spotlight

Curry Spice — Flavor Spotlight

The next oil in our flavor spotlight is Curry Spice oil. Rich and aromatic, this oil presents deep flavor that won’t overpower. Great in hummus or as the prominent flavor in aioli, it is our go-to for Indian-inspired foods.

For breakfast, eggs over-easy fried in curry spice oil are delicious atop a bed of spinach with shaved blue cheese. Turkey burgers get a flavor upgrade when this oil is worked into the ground meat before shaping the patties and grilling or frying. Chicken and pork take on a whole new flavor personality … simply brush with curry oil and salt and pepper to taste.

As we head into summer, curry meatballs over rice with tzatziki sauce are the perfect balance of spicy curry and cooling cucumber. Curry Spice makes for an unexpected – but most welcome – grilling flavor. Great drizzled over or brushed on vegetables, chicken kabobs and sweet corn on the grill, we continue to experiment with it in summer recipes and we hope you will too. We’ll share recipes and updates as we discover new uses. Please do the same.

A favorite with sweet potatoes, Curry Spice oil is wonderful drizzled in mashers or over bakers. Brush it on thin slices or fry-sized pieces with a little salt and pepper and bake to crispy perfection.

As summer turns to fall, this butternut squash and Andouille sausage bake should be a mainstay. Delicious cool weather staples are tied together with the warm, rich flavor of curry. Another cool weather favorite is this curry sweet corn soup that, served with warm bread and butter, is certain to satisfy.

Drizzle, Sizzle, Sample & Eat.

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