Fried Shallot — Flavor Spotlight

Fried Shallot — Flavor Spotlight

Next in on our flavor spotlight list is the incredibly versatile, far from overpowering – yet never boring – Fried Shallot flavor-infused cottonseed oil.

Deep and mellow with rich shallot flavor, it is perfect for browning meats, searing steaks, sautéing mushrooms and stir frying anything. We love to use it whenever baking veggies. Tossed in Fried Shallot oil, with a little Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top makes any vegetable delicious.

Try Fried Shallot in the next potato salad or linguine and mushrooms you make. This roasted carrot puree could be your new Thanksgiving staple. If looking for something savory and rich, shrimp mac and cheese is the way to go.

Also perfect as a finishing oil, it is the needed component in delicious sun dried tomato dressing and the best ever hummus. Noodles tossed in Fried Shallot quickly go from bland to tasty. If looking for more versatility, it is also mellow enough for use as a stand-alone dipping oil with bread.

As always, drizzle, sizzle, sample and eat. We look forward to seeing what you create.

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