Pure Cooking Oil — Flavor Spotlight

Pure Cooking Oil — Flavor Spotlight

We’ve decided it’s time to break down the culinary benefits of each of our oils, so over the next few weeks we’ll look at each flavor profile, share our favorite recipes and develop brand new ones for each oil, moving from mildest to spiciest.

PURE COOKING OIL—silky-clear, lightweight and flavor-neutral, Pure has a barely-there nutty taste that makes it ideal for a myriad of cooking applications. Perfect as an alternative to butter and other cooking oils in baking, it doesn’t break down at high temperatures so the result is cakes and pastries that are softer and moist but never soggy. Some of our favorite recipes include banana bread, vanilla ball cookies as well as sweet potato, carrot and rum cakes.

Aside from baking, PURE Oil‘s light body and neutral flavor makes it ideal as a dressing base and a perfect starter for marinades, glazes or rubs. We’re fans of it for breaded catfish and this pomegranate glazed steak.

With a smoke point of 425 degrees, our PURE oil is a healthy, flavor-neutral option that won’t break down and won’t transfer flavor between foods. For example, the same batch of oil used to fry fish can then be used to sauté vegetables – with no unwanted flavor crossover. Egg rolls fried in Pure Oil are yummy, as are these Polish Paczkis just in time for Fat Tuesday.

Substitute PURE Cottonseed Oil the next time a recipe calls for butter, olive or any cooking oil. You won’t be disappointed with the results. Then share the flavor, food and fun with us.

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