Fresh Cilantro—Flavor Spotlight

Fresh Cilantro—Flavor Spotlight

This week’s flavor profile is Fresh Cilantro. Light, bright and all cilantro, but not too strong to serve as a stand-alone dipping oil, customers often tell us they can’t believe cilantro flavor this fresh can come from an oil.  This incredibly fresh flavor makes Acala Farms Cilantro Cottonseed oil a true stand-out in the specialty oil category and opens endless food-and-fun possibilities.

Especially fantastic with seafood, our Fresh Cilantro Oil favors salmon (just brush it on, add a little sea salt and pepper, and grill), and perfectly enhances salsas and guacamole. We love it in the black bean salsa that tops these sweet potato rounds and the mango salsa that completes our fish tacos.

Now that spring is finally here, use our Fresh Cilantro oil to make avocado aioli to complement the kick of these jalapeno-lime burgers. Or, use it in a ginger chimichurri marinade perfect for grilling with chicken, pork or fish. And what grilled dish is complete without a crisp coleslaw to go alongside it?

Looking for something a little more exotic? This satay chicken is an enticing option and pairs well with skewered vegetables or a kohlrabi, edamame and garbanzo salad. Our most recent dish highlighting this fantastic flavor is Cilantro Seared Scallops with Pea Puree and Gremolata. 

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